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Approved Projects

Author Year Approved Description Overview of Data Used Status
Harrison, Tessa2016APOE Effects on the Intrinsic Architecture of Neural Networks as Early Risk Biomarkers of Alzheimer's Diseaseresting fMRI; APOEsubmitted to PNAS
Viding, Essi2016Callous-unemotional traits with anxiety: A behavioural phenocopy of a neurocognitively distinct presentation?faces task; AB/CU etc
Viding, Essie (with Eamon McCrory)2016A neural index of latent psychiatric vulnerability in young adults with a history of childhood maltreatment.faces task; stress scales
Hoyle, Rick2015Effect of Sensation Seeking on Neural Activity during Non-Directed Thoughtresting fMRI; BSSS and NEO
Zald, David (with Joyce Zhu)2015Frontal-Executive Correlates of ConscientiousnessNEO; neuropsych; ERQ
Rubin, David2015Changes in resting state activity as a function of the match of the adult language of formal education primary childhood languageresting fMRI; DTI; language
Neumann, Craig2015Psychopathic traits and amygdala activation in a non-clinical sample: A structural equation modeling approachfaces task; SRP
MacDuffie, Kate2015Impact of the subjective experience of stress on long-term health and adjustment outcomesfaces task; cards task; stress
Gibbons, Robert (with Ben Lahey)2015Full Information Bifactor Models for the Integration of Biology and Symptomatologyfaces task; cards task; depression and impulsivity
Sripada, Chandra2014Effective Connectivity and Multimodal Biomarkers of Trait Impulsivityresting fMRI; impulsivity
Rubin, David (with Dawei Li)2014The effects of posttraumatic stress disorder on spontaneous brain activity; Spontaneous brain activity reflects neurobiological basis of personality resting fMRI; faces task; stress; NEO
Kragel, Phil (with Kevin Labar)2014Decoding spontaneous emotional states in the human brainsubmitted to PLOS Biology
Hyde, Luke (with Hailey Dotterer)2014Influences on destructive college drinking: The role of psychopathic traits and gender.alcohol and drug use; SRPpublished PMID 27052364
Hyde, Luke (with Rebecca Waller)2014Neural correlates of callousness and antisocial behavior in emerging adulthood.faces task; cards task; SRPpublished PMID 27036876
Carre, Justin2014Relationship between threat-related neural function, neuroendocrine function, and individual differences in self-report and behavioral aggression faces task; agression and angerpublished PMID 25063880
Carre, Justin2014Relationship between a putative marker of prenatal androgen exposure and neural responses to threat- and reward-related stimulifaces task; cards task; agression and anger; digit ratiopublished PMID 25827959
DiIorio, Christina2014A biologically-informed multilocus genetic profile of HPA axis signaling interacts with childhood adversity to influence brain function, structure, and connectivityfaces task; CTQ and stress
Wallace, Greg2013Quantify brain structure and associate these metrics with behavior, cognition, genotype, etc
Heller, Katherine2013Bayesian Time-Series Retrieval Method Identification of Toxic Personalities from fMRIcards task; NEO
Prather, Aric2012Early life adversity, mood symptomatology, and maladaptive health behaviors: the role of amygdala reactivity to threatfaces task; CTQpublished PMID 27065929
Zucker, Nancy (with Michael Platt)2012Altered resting state functional connectivity in anorexia nervosaresting fMRI; EDI and BMI